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True Innovation Drives NC Cast Iron Company

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True Innovation Drives NC Cast Iron Company

Traditional cast iron cooking experience revolutionized by GRIZZLY Cookware

CHARLOTTE, NC — GRIZZLY Cookware is redefining more than pots and pans. 

Virtually non-stick and impervious to rust are two attributes you wouldn’t use to describe cast iron,until now. Thanks to the creative minds at GRIZZLY, cast iron cookware has been re-imagined.

GRIZZLY Cookware will debut this Fall with a 12-inch skillet (MSRP $185) that is dishwasher safe, requires no seasoning, offers a smooth cooking surface and ergonomic grip handles. GRIZZLY Cookware, based in North Carolina, is 100 percent made in America.

“We recognized the opportunity to create a new line of cast iron cookware that combines the quality craftsmanship of iconic American brands with the innovations afforded by modern technology,” says Kyle Caniglia, president of GRIZZLY Cookware.

GRIZZLY Cookware blends the best elements of traditional cast iron cookware with the innovative technology of today – incorporating the smooth polished surfaces of your grandmothers coveted cast iron cookware with NiClad™, a proprietary nickel plating process.

NiClad alleviates the headaches often associated with cast iron and makes GRIZZLY unique in the cookware marketplace. GRIZZLY Cookware can be washed in the dishwasher, won’t rust and does not require seasoning prior to use. Unlike traditional cast iron, with GRIZZLY Cookware there is no flavor transference between uses.

GRIZZLY Cookware is tough and versatile. From campfire to cook top, expect superior performance and ease of use while cooking with GRIZZLY.

GRIZZLY Cookware is a North Carolina-based, veteran-owned company that designs and manufactures innovative cast iron cookware. GRIZZLY is elevating performance in both form and function while honoring the quality elements of traditional cast iron cookware. Committed to their craft and 100 percent made in America, GRIZZLY is proud to employ military veterans. For more information, visit www.grizzlycookware.com.

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