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GRIZZLY 10" Cast Iron Skillet

$ 175.00


All the benefits.  None of the hassle. Nickel coated cast iron cookware offering superior performance and versatility.

- Easy to clean
- Heat retention and even heat distribution
- No seasoning required
- No flavor transference
- Ergonomic grip handles
- Made in USA

17” length
11” width
9.5” interior
1.7” height
7.2 lbs

When it comes to choosing cookware, American made cast iron cookware from GRIZZLY is the way to go. GRIZZLY Cookware's 10-inch cast iron skillet has the ability to evenly distribute and retain heat for optimal cooking conditions. With ergonomic grip handles and no flavor transference, this 10-inch cast iron skillet is ideal for every kitchen.

Superior performance

Cast iron cookware is an incredibly versatile piece that can be passed down from generation to generation for years of shared family meals. However, standard cast iron cookware comes with continual maintenance and mitigation of rust that can be a hassle for even the most experienced of cooks and bakers.

GRIZZLY Cookware offers all the benefits of cast iron and none of the hassle. GRIZZLY’s cast iron cookware is designed with a nickel coating for superior performance and optimal heat distribution. Our electroless nickel plating eliminates the need to season your cast iron skillet and makes cleaning a breeze.

Reduced rust risk

The unique coating on our 10 inch cast iron skillet offers superior cooking performance, ease of cleanup, and a resistance to rusting in a variety of cooking environments - professional, home, and even the great outdoors. GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware’s nickel-plated finish is seamless, which means you don't need to worry about chipping, flaking, or flavor-leeching.

GRIZZLY Cookware offers the opportunity for hassle-free cast iron cooking. Our nickel coating removes the need for seasoning, eliminates flavor transference, and allows your cast iron to be easily hand washed. 

Whether you're baking a casserole in the oven or searing a steak on the stove, GRIZZLY's American made cookware is the right choice for any and every kitchen. For more information about GRIZZLY Cookware and how our nickel-plated finish makes our cookware the ideal piece for your kitchen, contact us today.

Recipe photos by Meghan Yager and Kevin Kozikowski