4 Benefits Of High-Quality Cast Iron Cookware

4 Benefits Of High-Quality Cast Iron Cookware

When you’re shopping for any type of cookware, you’ll come across a broad range of options and prices. In fact, if you looked on Google or Amazon right now your head might spin with the overwhelming amount of choices that come up. Even similar sized pots and pans can range dramatically when you look at prices.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s the real advantage of higher-priced cookware? Is it worth it to invest in better cookware, especially when it comes to cast iron?”

Let’s explore this topic further and discuss the key advantages of premium cast iron cookware so you can feel more confident in your buying decisions.

Benefits Of High-Quality Cast Iron Cookware

The benefits of high quality cast iron cookware can often get lost in a conversation that boils everything down to price. Because we believe that great tools inspire great creations, we’ve crafted a more durable set of cookware that offers better heat retention, even heat distribution, reduced sticking and simplified cleanup. The time and money we invest in quality craftsmanship is exactly how we create value for you - with cookware that can withstand the tests of time and require less time to care for.

Here are the main reasons higher end cookware is worth your consideration before you prep the food for your next dinner party.

1. Durability

Cast iron is known to last for years. In fact, many times you’ll find grandmothers handing down pieces to the next generations in their families like beloved treasures.

Compared to less expensive brands, a high-quality cast iron skillet will last a lifetime - or multiple lifetimes. In fact, that’s why many premium brands will offer limited lifetime warranties. If the cookware fails to perform as promised due to a product defect, the manufacturer will repair or replace it.

2. Material

When choosing cast iron cookware, you’ll want to look at the material closely. Higher quality materials cost more. And even for cookware made with the same material, they can be made with different grades, which will have an impact on the cost. Additional finishing steps like coatings, can add value but they do add more cost.

For instance, if you want cast iron that is easier to use and needs no seasoning, you’ll find enamel-coated options, as well as nickel-plated skillets. The two may show some comparability in general, but there are distinct differences, particularly related to care and use.

Electroless nickel plating, a trusted finish for the most demanding industries, like medical and aerospace, creates a safe layer that bonds to the cast iron beneath it. The result is a seamless surface that offers less maintenance than traditional raw cast iron and more versatility and durability than enamel coated cast iron. Enamel coating, on the other hand, can chip if dropped or overheated. Once chipped, rust and bacteria can develop in those areas, wearing the skillet down over time. Whereas, enamel acts as an insulator, nickel does not inhibit heat transfer. GRIZZLY’s nickel plated cookware can withstand higher temperatures, maintaining the thermodynamic properties of raw cast iron and providing superior cooking performance.

3. Innovation

Cookware construction can also impact its price.

As technology advances, so does innovation in cast iron skillet construction. Less expensive brands of cast iron, for instance, can have a rougher overall finish (particularly the cooking surface) because they skip crucial steps like machining, which produce an ideal cooking surface that’s smooth & polished. These brands also will require diligent seasoning and maintenance for regular and easy use.

High-quality cast iron skillets won’t skip this step. As such, they offer smoother finishes and plating or coating that makes the cast iron easier to use and clean. This is why high-end brands develop such a devoted following.

4. Overall Quality

Premium cast iron cookware will generally be made to high standards with more attention given to each and every detail -- everything from sturdier handles, to perfectly proportioned pour spouts or meticulous coating and plating processes.

Quality craftsmanship is an important aspect of the higher end skillets you purchase, so paying attention to how these products are made is important to review as you make your decision. Remember to look at everything from how it’s made to where it’s made. Innovation, skilled design and construction and certainly the makers…all matter.

Is Premium Cast Iron Worth It?

When you buy a high-quality cast iron skillet like GRIZZLY Cookware, you’re buying what you value - superior performance and time-saved.

If you still have questions about premium cast iron, let GRIZZLY help. We have years of experience using these skillets and can educate you on different manufacturing and plating practices to help you make your decision. We want you to cook happy! Get in touch with us today to learn more about using nickel-coated cast iron.