Distributor Terms & Conditions

(The following information is provided for prospective and current wholesale customers.)

1) Payment

Full payment is due with each order until a credit application has been submitted and payment terms are approved.  GRIZZLY Cookware accepts credit and debit cards, checks, and ACH payments.  There is an additional 3% fee for all debit or credit card payments. 

Credit limits will be set upon approval of a credit application.  Standard payment terms are within 30 days from the date of invoice. All invoices shall be due and payable within the established terms from the date of invoice, until GRIZZLY Cookware, in its sole discretion, at any time revokes credit approval, at which time all amounts become immediately due and payable.

GRIZZLY Cookware reserves the right at any time, for any reason, to require payment in advance or to otherwise modify, suspend or terminate any credit terms previously extended to a Buyer.

2) Shipping

All shipments FOB origin.  GRIZZLY Cookware can provide shipping/freight estimates via UPS or LTL. 

3) Third Party Selling Authorization

Any Distributor interested in selling GRIZZLY Cookware products to any Third-Party Distributors including but not limited to Amazon and eBay, must obtain written authorization from GRIZZLY Cookware. Distributors who violate this Third Party Selling Policy will be subject to loss of their eligibility to purchase and distribute GRIZZLY Cookware products.

4) MAP Policy

Authorized GRIZZLY Cookware Distributors are ambassadors for the GRIZZLY brand. We are committed to the success of our Distributors who invest the time and resources required for excellent customer service and product expertise.  GRIZZLY Cookware is committed to enforcing policies which allow our Distributors to maintain high profit margins through the sale of our products.

GRIZZLY Cookware has established a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy, which will apply to all authorized Distributors and any other sellers that sell GRIZZLY Cookware products in the United States, including those who sell through catalogs, retail stores, and on the internet. Distributors who violate this MAP Policy will be subject to loss of their eligibility to purchase GRIZZLY Products. The foregoing MAP Policy is subject to modification by GRIZZLY Cookware at any time. Any action taken by GRIZZLY Cookware under this policy shall be without liability to GRIZZLY Cookware.

MAP pricing for all GRIZZLY Cookware products can be found on our current price list.  All advertised prices must be at or above the MAP for all GRIZZLY Cookware products.

From time to time, GRIZZLY Cookware may permit Distributors to advertise MAP products at prices lower than the MAP price.  In such events, GRIZZLY Cookware reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP price for a specified period of time by providing advance notice to all Distributors.

The GRIZZLY Cookware MAP Policy does allow Distributors to omit pricing entirely from advertisements or advertise statements like “Call for Price”.

Free shipping, 0% tax, or financing promotions do not violate the MAP.

5) Warranty

Every piece of GRIZZLY Cookware is made by the finest American craftsmen. We stand behind the quality of all of our products. If a GRIZZLY product fails in the course of normal use we will gladly replace it. GRIZZLY Cookware will directly handle all warranty related issues. For a warranty related issue please email contact@grizzlycookware.com or call (844) 474-9924.

Items that are not considered defective include but are not limited to:

  • Cookware that shows normal wear and tear.
  • Cookware that has been damaged or destroyed by improper maintenance.
  • Cookware that has been damaged or destroyed by improper use.

6) Returns and Exchanges

Return and exchange claims for any GRIZZLY product purchased by your establishment will be issued without penalty if received within thirty (30) days of invoice date. Any return requests or claims after the 30 day period will be considered if submitted to GRIZZLY Cookware with a complete description identifying the specific reason for the return; however, credits for returned items may be denied by GRIZZLY at its sole discretion if not submitted within the thirty day period.

To return or exchange any GRIZZLY product, please call (844) 474-9924 or email contact@grizzlycookware.com to obtain a return authorization (RA) number. Returns that are not accompanied by an RA# will be refused.

  • GRIZZLY products must not show any signs of use and must not be altered in any way from their original condition.
  • A restocking fee may be applied on orders returned for refund after 30 days from the date of purchase.

GRIZZLY will happily accept all returns and exchanges as long as the products were originally purchased from GRIZZLY by your establishment. GRIZZLY will not accept for return/exchange any products purchased or issued from any other issuing or selling agent.