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Why choose GRIZZLY Cookware?

GRIZZLY Cookware is the only choice when you want the benefits of cast iron cooking without any of the hassle or high maintenance. Cast iron cooking has been highly regarded for centuries for high heat retention, durability, versatility, and the classic beauty of the craft. However, these attributes have been overshadowed by the high maintenance issues including required and repeated seasoning, rusting, flavor transference, and frequent, rigorous hand washing. GRIZZLY’s ease of use and simplicity of care has revolutionized the cast iron cookware industry.

Does it need to be seasoned?

GRIZZLY Cookware is coated which seals the cast iron, making it resistant to rusting. This means you never have to season your GRIZZLY Cookware.

What is the Nickel Coating?

Electroless nickel plating has been used across all industries including medical, aerospace, defense and automotive for decades. The process involves plating a nickel-phosphorous coating onto a substrate by chemical reduction. Unlike electroplated coatings, EN is applied without externally applied current. This chemical process avoids many of the problems associated with most metallic coatings while providing many unique characteristics.

Nickel vs. enamel coated cast iron?

GRIZZLY Cookware’s nickel coated cast iron is just as safe as enamel coated cast iron but will not chip if dropped or overheated. Once enamel coatings chip on cast iron, there is potential for rust and bacteria to develop. Our nickel coating offers a seamless finish.

Is the nickel coating safe?

Yes. The use of nickel as a coating for food-contact surfaces has been around for many years and is approved by the FDA. Additionally, our proprietary plating process meets or exceeds medical grade specifications and abides by the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) directive. We test our skillets using an independent laboratory to ensure we exceed the FDA guidelines for contact with heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury.  Click here for more info.

How do I maintain my GRIZZLY Cookware?

For best results, we recommend hand washing your GRIZZLY.  Click here for Care & Use instructions.

Is GRIZZLY Cookware dishwasher safe?

For best results, we recommend hand washing your GRIZZLY. Using a dishwasher will not impact the performance of your GRIZZLY, but may result in temporary discoloration from soap and water spots.

Does GRIZZLY Cookware come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If our cookware fails to perform as promised due to a product defect we will repair or replace it. To be eligible for this warranty, you must be the original owner (proof of purchase may be required) and the cookware cannot be damaged by misuse, improper maintenance, self-repair, or tampering.

Where can I use my GRIZZLY Cookware?

GRIZZLY Cookware is the most versatile piece of cookware for your kitchen. We recommend it for use with gas, electric, and induction stove tops as well as the oven, grill, and even the open flame of a campfire.

Does GRIZZLY offer a military discount?

Yes, as a small show of appreciation for service to our country, we are happy to offer a military discount to all who are serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Details of our military discount can be found here.

    Where can I purchase GRIZZLY Cookware?

    Please register for our newsletter to learn when GRIZZLY Cookware becomes available at a retailer near you!

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. Contact us for additional information and pricing.

    Is GRIZZLY Cookware made in the US?

    Yes. All GRIZZLY Cookware is made exclusively in the USA. We are passionate about every aspect of what we do and that includes who we work with and where we work to create and manufacture GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware.

    Crafting quality requires dedication & hard work by an expansive team of individuals and organizations. GRIZZLY is tremendously proud of its partners who all embrace our vision of cast iron reimagined, through the challenge of adopting innovation while maintaining the integrity of tradition. We have great appreciation for the skilled craftsmanship and shared belief in our success that make GRIZZLY possible. 

    How does GRIZZLY give back?

    GRIZZLY Cookware is committed to hiring veterans. We believe in the leadership, experience, and discipline of those who have served our country and are proud to employ some of the hardest working folks out there. GRIZZLY Cookware continues to seek meaningful ways to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Please contact us directly with new partnership opportunities.