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Who We Are

Blending the best elements of traditional cast iron with the innovations afforded by modern technology. GRIZZLY Cookware is cast iron reimagined.

American Cast Iron Cookware

Our Story

GRIZZLY Cookware is a veteran-owned company that designs and manufactures innovative cast iron cookware. GRIZZLY elevates performance in both form and function while honoring the quality elements of traditional cast iron cookware. Committed to our craft and 100% made in America, GRIZZLY is also proud to employ military veterans.

“GRIZZLY Cookware was born from an appreciation for, and desire to celebrate, the centuries-old bond between Southern cuisine and cast iron cooking,” says Kyle Caniglia, Co-Founder of GRIZZLY Cookware and a U.S. Army veteran.

Our team creates a high-quality American-made cast iron skillet that is rooted in tradition but incorporates modern advances for our increasingly foodie-focused culture.

“We began an exhaustive research into the history of the cast iron cookware industry in the United States,” says Tim Newcombe, Program Manager and fellow veteran. The introduction of alternatives like stainless steel and Teflon as well as the influx of imported inferior cast iron products all but ended cast iron as our grandparents and their grandparents knew it. “Despite all efforts to adapt, most of the American cast iron cookware brands were forced to shut their doors by the latter half of the 20th century. GRIZZLY was launched to honor that heritage in an innovative way.”

A respect and passion for American-made craftsmanship is present throughout every aspect of GRIZZLY Cookware, and is the reason the entire production process (ideation, casting, machining, plating and packaging) started in the very same North Carolina cities and towns that we call home.

Working closely with designers, engineers, academics, and manufacturers, we enlisted the help of top chefs to field test the inaugural 12-inch skillet in their restaurants. We also asked home cooks and outdoor enthusiasts to weigh in on versatility and ease of use. The feedback was unanimous.

GRIZZLY Cookware is the toughest cast iron cookware made in America and it’s ready to handle the toughest environments. From the unforgiving pace of an industrial kitchen to the unforgiving crowd in your home kitchen or set atop an open flame in the great outdoors, get GRIZZLY to handle it all.

Made in America is more than just a slogan for GRIZZLY Cookware, a company committed to hiring military veterans. We believe in the leadership experience and discipline of those who have served our country and are proud to employ some of the hardest working folks out there. As GRIZZLY Cookware continues to grow, so too will job opportunities and support for our veteran community.