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Fish Camps: A Southern Fish Frying Tradition

Posted by Cadie Pittman on
Fish Camps: A Southern Fish Frying Tradition

Fish Camp. Two words (when placed together) that are full of memories and tradition, particularly for many folks living in small southern towns and especially in North Carolina.  All who have grown up around these niche restaurants, are happy to invite newcomers to share in the simple joys of a signature salt and pepper catfish plate and hushpuppies (because yes, that’s absolutely what you should order). A few things you can always count on when visiting a fish camp: plentiful portions, friendly faces, and a relaxed atmosphere focused on food & family.

As summer stretches out before us with seasonal favorites on our mind, we offer a picture of the history and community of fish camp restaurants.  We hope delicious fish fries close to home are on your calendar in the coming months and if your travels bring you to North Carolina, we hope you find your way to a fish camp to share a meal and make some memories with loved ones.  

Linked below is an essay by a North Carolinian, who enjoyed fish camps throughout his upbringing.  A more detailed history of fish camps, and their origins (mainly rooted in North Carolina) can be found in the second link. Both writings articulate a sweet nostalgia and make for an enjoyable, quick summer read!

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