Grilling With GRIZZLY: 3 Reasons to Use Cast Iron in the Great Outdoors

grilling with cast iron outdoors

There may be one thing better than cooking an amazing meal indoors: Cooking it outside. You may not venture too far from your well-worn, worked-in path of habit in your comfortable kitchen, making healthy and tasty meals. But no matter what you’re cooking, one thing never fails: Everything tastes better outside.

There’s something about the combination of all of the senses that make that outdoor meal special. Maybe it’s the relaxing feel of your camp chair, the smell of a fire, a soft breeze causing nearby leaves to flutter and dance. Mix that with some family, sentiment, and memories, and that filet mignon becomes the best you’ve ever tasted.

Whether you’re grilling in the backyard or by your favorite lake, you can take your favorite nickel-plated cast iron skillet out of the kitchen and into the wild with ease. Here’s how grilling with cast iron is possible.

3 Ways Cast Iron Can Shine Outside

The kitchen is safe. You know where everything is. You can reach for your favorite spices with ease. We get it. You’ve got your routine.

But sometimes you need to get out of the kitchen, STAT! We all need a change of scenery once in a while. Time spent outdoors can reduce stress, improve mental health, and boost your positive attitude, after all.

But we also need to eat. Get ready to make some memories with family, friends, or coworkers. Your next perfect meal is outside. Here are a few ways an American-made cast iron skillet can transition seamlessly from stovetop to grill, coals, and flickering campfire flames.

1. Cook Anywhere

Once you leave the safety of your kitchen, there are no rules. You’re free to cook wherever you like, and GRIZZLY cast iron skillets can help get the job done.

You can use it on your camp stove, which is basically just like cooking indoors. You can also place your skillet over an open flame. Or maybe you just want to sit it directly on top of hot embers or coals? No problem. Unlike flimsier pots and pans, cast iron skillets are virtually indestructible.

2. Cook Anything

Campfires can involve way more than hotdogs and s’mores. This is vacation or time off, after all. You deserve to treat yourself to the good stuff.

When you’re grilling with cast iron, you can cook anything you can dream up. Crispy bacon? Done. Grilled pineapple? No problem. Buttermilk biscuits, smoked skillet queso, and baked stuffed apples? Now we’re talking.

From searing meat to cooking bread, or savory to sweet, your skillet is not limited.

The same rule you use indoors of preheating your skillet is all you need to remember when cooking outdoors. No matter if it’s sitting on a grill grate or right on hot coals, the skillet will heat evenly and also prevent food from sticking.

3. Easy Cleanup

We don’t have to tell you that the cooking (and eating) is more fun than the cleanup.

But when you’re grilling fish and then want to prepare a sweet dessert, it’s helpful if you can easily clean out your skillet before you switch from salty to sugary flavors.

Luckily, cleanup with an American-made cast iron skillet from GRIZZLY is a breeze, ensuring a smooth transition from dinner to dessert. Not only can you just rinse or wipe out the skillet, but the nickel coating allows you to use soap without worrying about any flavor transference. Knowing that, your fellow campers might just ask you to cook one more thing.

Cast Iron Can Cook it All

Yes, you can get gorgeously charred, tender vegetables without turning on your indoor oven. Simply cook them in your American-made cast iron skillet on the grill.

Go ahead and get it dirty; cast iron doesn’t need to be babied. Cast iron could be what your camping trip has been missing.

If you still have questions about cast iron’s many uses outdoors, let GRIZZLY help. We have years of experience using these skillets and can share some tips and tricks to perfect your outdoor grilling and camping flavors. Get in touch with us today to learn more about cooking with nickel-coated cast iron.