Say Goodbye to Seasoning Your Cast Iron Skillet

cast iron cookware

Cast iron skillets are one of the most valued cooking tools in the kitchen. This is because cast iron cookware distributes heat evenly across the pan for more efficient and higher quality cooking. It's also an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, going from the stove to the oven and even over an open fire.

However, cast iron isn't all fun and games. To keep a cast iron skillet in good shape, it needs to be seasoned regularly. When you don't season a cast iron skillet, it makes food stick to the cooking surface and puts your favorite kitchen tool at risk of rusting. It's because of its need for upkeep that some at-home cooks will steer away from cooking with cast iron despite its awesome abilities. Fortunately, with GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware, you don't need to keep yourself away from cast iron anymore.

Don't Worry About Seasoning

One of the key benefits of GRIZZLY Cookware is that it doesn't require seasoning. That means you get all the benefits of cooking with cast iron but with none of the hassle or maintenance. Unlike traditional cast iron cookware, which needs to be coated in fat to keep the metal protected, GRIZZLY's cast iron is already protected by an FDA-approved, food-safe nickel-plated coating. What does that mean for you? That means you don't have to worry about seasoning your skillet, transferring flavors from meal to meal, or rusting.

Simple Cleaning and Easy to Use

Another key benefit of GRIZZLY cast iron is the ease of cleaning. With traditional cast iron, you need to be extremely careful with how you clean your skillet. Scrubbing too hard to get rid of food stuck to the pan could strip away the skillet's seasoning and put your favorite kitchen tool at risk of rusting. It can also be difficult to feel like your skillet is really clean, especially when you need to wipe away stuck-on bits with a paper towel.

With GRIZZLY cast iron, you don't need to concern yourself with accidentally stripping the seasoning of your skillet because there is no seasoning. Just like any other pan, you can wash your GRIZZLY coated cast iron cookware with warm water and soap without the food-safe nickel coating chipping, flaking, or coming away. 

Ready to get started cooking with cast iron the way you always wanted to? Check out our GRIZZLY cast iron skillets today and never sweat over cast iron maintenance again.