What Are the Benefits of Nickel Plated Cookware?

nickel plated cookware

It's no secret that cast iron cookware can take your cooking experience to the next level. But did you know your cast iron cookware could be improved upon even more? GRIZZLY's nickel plated cookware gives you all the advantages of using cast iron but with the additional benefits that nickel plating has to offer.

Here are some key benefits of cooking with GRIZZLY's nickel plated cookware:

  • No seasoning involved. Cast iron needs to be well-seasoned in order to remove stuck-on foods easily with a dishcloth or paper towel. However, proper seasoning can take well over an hour and is a chore easily forgotten when cooking with your pan. When cooking with GRIZZLY's nickel plated cookware, there is no need for such a time-consuming chore. Nickel has been used as a coating for food-contact surfaces for years. Approved by the FDA, nickel coating makes GRIZZLY cast iron cookware resistant to rust, which means you never have to worry about seasoning your cookware.
  • Cleaning your cookware is faster and easier. Cleaning with soap can be nerve-wracking when using a traditional cast iron skillet. While you can use some soap in cleaning, you want to avoid using too much as it can strip the seasoning off of your pan. However, when using nickel-plated cookware, you don't need to worry about stripping the seasoning because there is no seasoning. This means cleaning your cookware is easy! Simply wait for the pan to cool, scrub with soap and water, and let the cookware dry just like any other pan. Please note: we do recommend hand washing your GRIZZLY nickel plated cookware and not to use it in the dishwasher.
  • Your cookware is resistant to rust. One downside of traditional cast iron cookware is that it is susceptible to rust over time. Hence the importance of seasoning your cast iron skillets. With GRIZZLY's nickel plated cookware, the nickel plating bonds directly to the cast iron, seamlessly. This not only makes seasoning unnecessary but it also protects the cast iron from rust, making your cookware last longer.

Looking for nickel plated cookware that can handle the heat of your kitchen? GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware has the American made cast iron skillets you need. To learn more about how our nickel plated cookware makes cooking easier and more fun, contact GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware today.