GRIZZLY 12" Skillet

$ 185.00


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GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware.

All the benefits. None of the hassle.

Nickel coated cast iron cookware offering superior performance and versatility.

- Easy to clean

- Heat retention and even heat distribution

- No seasoning required

- No flavor transference

- Ergonomic grip handles

- Made in USA

GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware is proud to debut its innovative line of nickel coated cast iron with a 12" skillet.


19.5” length

13” width

11” interior

2” height

"Cooking with a GRIZZLY skillet has been great. It gets up to temp quick, and holds heat really well. The surface is awesome, and I'm really impressed with how easy it is to clean! It's been the new go-to skillet in the house."
-Keenan Blanchard, Professional Photographer, Chef and Dad of 6

“They can withstand all of the pressures of everyday kitchen work…they give us a great versatility.”
-Kim Floresca, Professional Chef