Favorite Seasonal Skillet Dish - Get Figgy With It!

Fig and Prosciutto Pan Pizza featuring GRIZZLY Cookware's 12 inch cast iron skillet.

We are so fortunate to have two opportunities each year to harvest fresh figs. This year’s second crop seemed plentiful, especially in the Carolinas, spurring classic and creative recipes featuring the ancient fruit. 

When our friend Micah Turbitt of OBXFOODGUIDE wanted to cook up a pan pizza in his GRIZZLY 12 inch cast iron skillet, we were thrilled about his choice of toppings.  Fig and prosciutto are a classic (and delicious) pairing that elevate any pizza.  What’s even better - pizza cooked in a cast iron skillet is EASY. Worth noting - GRIZZLY’s nickel coating makes the clean up easy too! 

We often forget just how much there is to love about this favorite rustic dish.  You can’t find a much more accessible or adaptable meal.  Here’s more food for thought...  

You can customize everything about your pizza from it’s foundation up to the final toppings.  Starting with your dough, you have options; make at home or pick up prepared.  If making your own dough, you’ll find that you likely already have the typical 3-4 ingredients in your pantry or you have the opportunity to adapt your dough to meet any dietary needs.  If you choose to keep things really simple by picking up prepared dough, you’ll probably be surprised at your options there too. Most grocery stores now offer fresh and frozen dough to roll out and bake at home, rather than just those overly processed pre-baked versions from another era.  As for toppings - you name it and you can top your pizza with it.  We are definitely a fan of fresh, seasonal ingredients but the choices are only limited by your imagination.  No matter how extra your selection and spread of toppings might be, the cooking part couldn’t be more basic.  

There’s no need to order in.  Choose your heat source, grab your GRIZZLY, assemble your pizza and get cooking.  Whether you make it ahead or make a night of it with a build-your-own pizza bar, go big in our 12 inch cast iron skillet  or opt for the individual approach with personal pizzas in the 10 inch casserole...you won’t be disappointed with the perfectly cooked cast iron crust.  Pizza really is the ultimate quick meal made at home.  Need more inspiration to get figgy with pizza night? Feast your eyes on all of this freshness…

fresh fig & prosciutto combo serving up tasty textures and bringing the balance of sweet and salt, olive oil always adding in some depth of flavor, fresh buffalo mozzarella piling on the creamy goodness, arugula offering a peppery brightness and finally, a drizzle of balsamic glaze going a long way to finish the delicious dish we’re dishing about.