What is unique about GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware?

GRIZZLY Cookware 12 inch skillet

Great question!

Our nickel coating is a game changer. That beautiful shimmer you see is more than just a pretty surface. It’s like the secret ingredient in a great recipe, except it’s not so secret. Electroless nickel plating is relied upon by the world’s most demanding industries including aerospace and medical and has been for many years thanks to its safety, benefits and far-reaching applications. We’re so proud to bring innovation to the cast iron cookware space by combining our passions for cooking and crafting quality American-made products, with our expertise in electroless nickel.

GRIZZLY designs and manufactures the only nickel coated cast iron cookware in the market today. We've worked hard to ensure that all of the attributes beloved by cast iron enthusiasts (like us) remain central to the experience of cooking with GRIZZLY. Heat retention, even heat distribution, and versatility keep top billing while our background and expertise with EN (electroless nickel) have allowed us to improve upon the care and clean up side of things. GRIZZLY Cookware never has to be seasoned (or more importantly stripped and re-seasoned), offers no flavor transference (so you can go from catfish to cobbler in the same skillet after a quick rinse), and our cast iron doesn’t require maintenance due to rust.

"The goal of our innovation was to simplify the maintenance without sacrificing the magic...expanding the possibilities and accessibility of cast iron cooking." Katie Caniglia, Co-Founder & President