Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women

As Spring is upon us, it seems to carry an extra measure of renewal this year. Hope and possibility are top of mind as we look ahead; while contemplation and reflection remain central to our continued  exploration of lessons only the past can teach us. With great consideration to the challenges and hardships collectively experienced during the past year and to the personal adversities experienced by our own team, we’ve committed to moving forward with even greater intention. Our goal is to harness all that we’ve learned and are learning, to inform and inspire our actions.  This is also the lens through which we’re embracing Women’s History Month this year.

We have recalled and sought out more stories of women whose dreams, defiance, daring and determination have re-defined possibility.  At GRIZZLY, a woman owned and led small business, we are particularly interested in helping to brighten the spotlight for each woman who inspires us and there are many!  In fact, there are too many to list here so we’ll offer a few that we’ve been talking about this week and share more in the coming weeks and beyond.

We hope you’ll join us in elevating the visibility of women’s achievements -    

Celebrate the extraordinary trailblazers whose contributions advanced the arts, humanities, sciences, sports, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine on a global scale. Support the everyday change-makers who’ve given their time, talent and treasure in order to provide for and lift up their neighbors; their communities.

Keeping the conversation going

From comprehensive and historic to curated and quirky - these links are worth clicking, providing powerful examples of leading women. 

International Women’s Day is more than just a day

PBS is a remarkable resource

National Archives (women’s history) 

The Manual “25 Badass Women in History”

BBC 100 Women

*Worth noting, GRIZZLY Cookware has no paid partnership or affiliation with any of the brands, companies, organizations or individuals associated with or mentioned in this blog nor contained within the links.  We are simply sharing a Springboard with a variety of jumping off points that we’ve enjoyed learning from.