Sweet Inspiration, Happy Derby 147!

Sweet Inspiration, Happy Derby 147!

This past week had us wearing many hats (per usual and not unlike all of you) but the proverbial kind rather than the festooned sort that have become so indicative of today’s highly celebrated sporting event.  The Kentucky Derby has arguably become as well known for its display of fashion and food as it has for its magnificent thoroughbreds and their annual run for the roses.

It likely comes as no big surprise that our excitement is mainly about the food.  This is why we were thrilled to come across a “Mint Julep Cake” recipe shared by the folks at Dorothy Lane Market, that inspired us to make a cast iron version with our 10” GRIZZLY casserole.  The results were delicious!  Here’s what happened during our Derby Day experiment with baking and bourbon:

We didn’t change any of the ingredients or measurements in the recipe.  We did opt for peppermint extract as a substitution for the creme de menthe only because we couldn’t find the liqueur’s version without green coloring.

Obviously we swapped the bundt pan for our 10” cast iron casserole (pictured above) and rather than “greasing and flouring a 10 inch bundt pan” we simply used the small amount of butter left on each stick wrapper, to grease our casserole (also pictured above).  Admittedly, we were curious if this was a good move but you’ll see below how that decision turned out.

Just as directed for the bundt pan, we baked our cake at 325F for 50 minutes and then set it out to cool for 15 minutes.  While it was cooling we focused on the bourbon butter sauce, which was so easy to make.  Leaving the cake in the cast iron casserole (cooled down but still warm) we poked holes across the entire cake’s surface using a large toothpick...again - as instructed by the recipe.  We finished this step by carefully and slowly pouring the bourbon butter sauce over the cake, making sure not to lose a single delicious drop over the sides.

The sauce continued to seep in while the cake cooled to room temperature.  Then came time for the moment of truth!  We placed our inverted cake plate over the casserole and flipped - first the cake and then out because of the results.  Without being too careful or gentle and without using flour after lightly greasing the cast iron with butter, this would-be bundt cake baked beautifully in a GRIZZLY.


One step left - make the mint frosting, which required a “heavy saucepan”...no problem!  With our casserole freed up, we put it right back to work but this time on the stovetop.

Frosting just about ready to remove from the heat and add the minty flavor!

After pouring this heavenly mixture over the cake and adding the garnish of fresh mint leaves, it was time to finish the setup for a few photos while the ganache and cake chilled for a bit.

Here’s how it all turned out…

With that, we’ll raise a mint julep and say, cheers!  May your adventures baking with GRIZZLY be sweet!