What is a Spurtle…And Why You Need One!

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You probably use a lot of tools in your professional and home kitchens. There are some you reach for every time you cook, while others take a back seat in your utensil holder or drawer until you need them.

And whether you’re a professional chef who whips up signature dishes for repeat customers or you’re a home gourmet who likes to delight family members with fun, holiday dishes, you probably reach for some tried and true tools that have always worked for you in the past.

Especially when you use cast iron, the right utensils can enhance your ability to sear a ribeye steak to perfection or stir a stew while the flavors meld together. What you don’t want in this process is for your food to stick or burn in your skillet.

Enter the cherry wood spurtle. This handy kitchen tool is a must in your cast iron cooking collection. Let’s learn more about why you need a spurtle in your cooking life.

What is a Cherry Wood Spurtle?

The cherry wood spurtle actually has a long history. The tool came from Scotland dating back to the 15th century.

Back then it was used most often to make porridge. The slow process of stewing oats in water and salt helped soften them up, and the spurtle would ensure the oats wouldn’t tear while it broke up any lumps. The end result was a smooth, appetizing – as well as tasty – look and consistency.

What is a Cherry Wood Spurtle Used For?

Over the years, the spurtle’s shape and use has evolved.

The stick style of the tool resembles a spoon without the bowl end. This straight shaft with a curved design at the tip makes it excellent for reaching all the walls and corners of your cast iron skillet.

Today, spurtles are used for stirring soups, gravies, and stews, as well as vegetables or even cake batter, helping to scrape the bottom of the pan without melting and without scratching your cast iron skillet.

How Do You Care For a Cherry Wood Spurtle?

When it comes to cleaning your spurtle, you want to hand wash it with soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and let air dry.

While GRIZZLY’s cherry wood spurtle is made in Vermont by the artisans at Rockledge Farms Woodworks and treated with two coats of permanent food safe finish, over years of use you may want to restore the finish. Use a USP-grade mineral oil or edible beeswax over vegetable or olive oils to refresh the finish.

The Spurtle: An Essential Kitchen Tool

Cooking utensils are an important part of any kitchen – whether it’s a professional, high-end one or a home gourmet-style food prep center.

And the more you cook with your nickel-coated cast iron skillet, the more you’ll want to ensure you’re using the right tools for the job to protect the long life of your skillet and deliver good food every time.

Maybe you’re stirring, mixing, scooping, or tossing, and you want a solid multi-purpose tool that can help you do all the jobs without scratching your skillet and ensuring you can reach all the nooks and crannies. The cherry wood spurtle is definitely the right tool for you.

We know once you get one, you’ll wonder what you did without it.

If you have questions about nickel-plated cast iron skillets or the perfect tools and utensils to use with them, let GRIZZLY help. We have years of experience using these skillets and can share some tips and tricks to guide you to gourmet cooking greatness. Get in touch with us today to learn more about cooking with cherry wood spurtles and nickel-coated cast iron.