Why Every Kitchen Needs a Wooden Turner

Why Every Kitchen Needs a Wooden Turner

Everyone needs a cooking spoon (even the ancient Egyptians!) – no matter if you’re a pro chef who cooks long hours every single day or a home gourmet who makes weekend family dinners the main events of the week.

And while a wooden spoon is good, a cherry wooden turner is one better. It can scoop, serve, scrape, turn, and stir – all in one.

Maybe you think you have all the utensils you need, but let’s look at why a wooden turner is a must in your kitchen.

6 Reasons You Should Cook With A Cherry Wooden Turner

You likely see a lot of options out there when it comes to spoons and turners – metal, plastic, and wood.

While each material has some pros and cons, a cherry wooden turner is the one you’ll find in most kitchens, and here’s why.

1. No Scratches

Metal spoons are more likely to scratch up the bottoms and sides of your cast iron skillets, ruining your surfaces. A cherry wooden turner with its naturally soft surface can keep your cast iron lasting a lifetime.

2. Strength

Sometimes you need to use a little strength of your own to stir, flip, or scrape your dish to perfection. You want balanced heat and flavor after all.

With a cherry wooden turner you have a firm handle to hold, resulting in effective stirring. And you don’t have to worry about breaking your utensil in the process. Made in Vermont by the artisans at Rockledge Farm Woodworks, this turner is a solid piece meant to be used daily.

3. No Unnecessary Heat Conducting

When you introduce a cherry wooden turner to hot temperatures, it doesn’t conduct heat, meaning the handle won’t heat up like metal and it won't melt like plastic.

Leaving the spoon in your skillet for a time won’t result in burnt fingers.

And a wooden spoon won't absorb heat, changing the temperature of what you’re cooking and ruining your dish.

4. No Reaction With Foods

A cherry wooden turner is non-reactive, meaning it won’t react with acids in your foods and create a metallic taste.

If you want to keep your recipe pure, wooden utensils are the answer, as they don’t leach chemicals and boast natural germ-killing properties.

5. Cherry Wooden Utensils Look Good

A gourmet kitchen full of wooden spoons never fails to impress. After all, cooking with a little style is never a bad thing.

A cherry wooden turner is also made of a material that is a natural resource, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

6. A Cherry Wooden Turner is Easy to Care For

When it comes to cleaning your cherry wooden turner, you want to hand wash it with soapy water, rinse it thoroughly, and let it air dry.

While GRIZZLY’s cherry wooden turner is treated with two coats of permanent food safe finish, after years of use you may want to restore the finish. Use a USP-grade mineral oil or edible beeswax over vegetable or olive oils to refresh the finish.

A Cherry Wooden Turner Can Be Your New Best Friend in the Kitchen

When you need a strong, firm handle so you can stir the thinnest or thickest sauces with adequate scraping capabilities and no worries of breaking, a cherry wooden spurtle could be just the utensil you need.

And because wooden spoons have all these benefits, you can keep your hands burn-free and not worry about heat conduction or negative taste impacts.

Try one and let us know what you think. We know you’ll fall in love with your new kitchen accessory.

If you have questions about nickel-plated cast iron skillets or the perfect tools and utensils to use with them, let GRIZZLY help. We have years of experience using these skillets and can share some tips and tricks to guide you to gourmet cooking greatness. Get in touch with us today to learn more about cooking with cherry wooden turners and nickel-coated cast iron.