3 Reasons People Prefer Cast Iron Skillets

cast iron cookware

It's no secret that cast iron cookware has been popular for centuries. While cast iron has been an important material since the 14th century, the oldest cast iron artifacts date back as far as the 5th century BCE. 

Today, cast iron cookware is used in homes and professional kitchens around the world. Here are a few more reasons cast iron cookware is at the top of everyone’s list.

  • Enjoy Greater Durability. One of the main reasons people have been using cast iron cookware for years is because of its long life span. With proper care, cast iron skillets can last for years and can take a beating before they are no longer usable. Other cookware, such as those made from ceramic, are not able to last as long and cannot provide as much usage as a cast iron skillet, meaning it will have to be replaced within a few years.
  • Even Heat Distribution. A cast iron skillet also makes cooking easier by distributing heat evenly throughout the pan ensuring your meal is cooked correctly and thoroughly. 
  • Have Fun With Extreme Versatility. Lastly, people prefer cast iron cookware for its versatility. You can use cast iron to cook anywhere while using any cooking method. Whether you are looking for cookware to use over an open campfire, in a commercial kitchen, or in your home oven, cast iron cookware is the tool for you!


Cooking with cast iron has many benefits and some even say the food tastes better when prepared on cast iron cookware. However, even after all the benefits cast iron has, many limit their use of cast iron due to its high maintenance. GRIZZLY cookware has made it a priority to provide cooking enthusiasts with premium cast iron cookware while reducing needed maintenance, meaning you can focus on the meal and not the pan. 

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