5 Reasons Why GRIZZLY Uses Electroless Nickel

grizzly cast iron

GRIZZLY Cookware is the only cast iron company in the United States to use electroless nickel plating in the production of our cast iron skillets. Electroless nickel has plenty to offer in the kitchen, improving cast iron beyond its typical cooking advantages. How can electroless nickel make your cast iron cooking experience any better? Here are the top five reasons why GRIZZLY chooses electroless nickel plating for their cookware: 

  1. No seasoning necessary. When you're using traditional cast iron cookware, it can be difficult to keep your cookware in good shape. In order to prevent food from sticking to the pan, it’s important to season your cast iron regularly. With GRIZZLY, there is no seasoning required. Our electroless nickel plated cast iron skillets create an easy-release surface for your cooking without the use of oils or fats. This allows you to cook with your GRIZZLY cast iron cookware without any of the maintenance.

  2. Corrosion resistance. Traditional cast iron is susceptible to rusting when exposed to water and oxygen, which can make cleaning and maintaining your cast iron cookware an inconvenience. With GRIZZLY cast iron cookware with electroless nickel plating, there is no need to worry about rust. The nickel protects the cast iron from moisture and oxygen so you can wash your skillet without the worry of corrosion.

  3. Easy to clean. Because electroless nickel is corrosion-resistant, it’s not necessary to take any precautions when washing your GRIZZLY cast iron cookware. Regular dish soap and sponges work just fine to clean your skillets.

  4. No flavor transference. Over 37% of Americans cook three to five times a week in their kitchens. With traditional cast iron skillets, flavor transference from the cast iron to your meal can ruin the flavor profile of the dish you're creating. With GRIZZLY cast iron cookware, you can cook as many meals as you like in your cast iron without worrying about flavor transference.

  5. Safe to use. Electroless nickel plating is FDA-approved and completely safe. In fact, nickel has been used to coat food-contact surfaces for many years. What's more, the chemicals that are used in GRIZZLY's plating process (done completely in the United States) all exceed medical grade specifications and abide by the directives of RoHS and REACH, so your nickel plated cast iron cookware is safe to use.

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